Poll: I Wanna Rock vs We're Not Gonna Take It
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We're Not Gonna Take it
5 50%
I Wanna Rock
5 50%
Voters: 10.
I Wanna Rock vs. We're Not Gonna Take it

I've been trying to choose which one I prefer and it got me thinking-what do you guys prefer (if you actually like Twisted Sister...I don't know how they would go down around here

EDIT: Sorry for reposting this thread...I forgot to make a poll which defeated the whole purpose of it ahahaha.
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Does it matter? Both are good songs and VS threads are banned.
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They have much better songs imho, such as Burn in Hell and Under the Blade.
Both are decent.

This thread is gonna get closed sooner or later though. No threads with "something VS something" are allowed.

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Both are good songs, but the stuff before ' Stay Hungry' is really where it's at.
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