Hi all,

first off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I wasn't quite sure where to put it, likewise I apologize if this sort of thing isn't supposed to be on this forum full stop.

I'm a music student currently doing a research project on the necessity of portfolio career elements in music-based professionals, specifically freelance players. I've written up a questionnaire directed at those who make a living primarily/entirely from music-based fields (composers, players, artists, teachers, music community workers etc.). This forum seems to have a pretty diverse range of people on it, and i was wondering if anyone who considers themselves a professional musician (or a professional in any of the aforementioned roles, as well as few others you'll find in the questionnaire) would mind filling it out for me.

It's online (no messing around with paper or word docs) and doesn't take more than two minutes, and would really help me to broaden the demographic of people i can get responses from.

All responses are entirely anonymous and unidentifiable, all the data will be stored safely and securely and at no point will be shared with any third parties. It will only be used by me for the purposes of my research.

All in the name of science right?

Sorry for the long post and it'd be great if anyones interested? Let us know and I'll put the link up.


EDIT: Now that I've had a bit of interest (thanks again by the way), i thought i'd stick the link in the main post, just in case

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I think I see what you're aiming at. I can tell you what you need.

If you want to eat, pay rent, survive, potentially have a family and all that good stuff, you need to be all of those things. If you can't, you will be a barista in addition to one or several of those things.

However, I just went to a show with some pro musician friends of mine. They played original music and that's all they do. However they have very low expenses, they are technically homeless and live to tour, barely just clearing their food, cell phone and other bills. It can be done that's way. You have to decide what kind of musician you want to be and what other non-music things you want out of your life and then... go for it.

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I did it too. Note that music is not my primary source of income. I found it interesting that the survey assumed "professional musicians" don't work in fields unrelated to music. Sure there's an "other" choice but yeah, you'll find far more active gigging musicians working unrelated day jobs than otherwise. Perhaps this doesn't fit your description of "professional musician". If this is the case my participation may be invalid.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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