Hard to critic something so short but I'll do my best. This riff sounds pretty much like the standard metal type thing you'd find. I'd recommend toning down the distortion a bit, its a bit too overpowering here. The riff was pretty simple, but with it being by itself and nothing accompanying its hard to tell just how good it may be. Metal definitely isn't my thing, but this does sound like a lighter, standard metal type riff.
Agree with this guy^. sounds like standard metalcore. would sound better with some drums and bass. not a big fan of the tone either. too much distortion and not enough lows. not bad tho
Jackson Warrior? I have one too!

OT: pretty much what the other guys have said, sounds fairly standard stuff, but that doesn't make it bad!
I'l have to agree with the others. Think this could sound pretty good with other instruments accompanying it.
I still like it though!
That bit at around 0:07/8 could do with tightening up a bit, same with that bit at about 0:23, but otherwise a solid riff. I'd maybe develop it a bit more after the first run, you could add a couple of harmony notes in over what you're playing (you could do this by overdubbing or just playing another note with what you're playing) to change it up a bit.

I did like it though

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