lots of questions here but I really need to know if these are any issues.. I picked up my 2013 gibson les paul traditional, I placed this order at a store so it came from there warehouse. I was stoked about it until I took it out of the case and saw that binding is peeling right where the fretboard ends near the pickups (at first I thought it was a piece of tape peeling) then I noticed how the binding looks uneven all throughout the neck (Looks even and straight on one side and the other side of the neck the binding is sloppy and when looked at very close up you can see that it curves a bit and it has little dents/chips on it on almost every fret on that side d of the binded but this can only be noticed when you look at it in the light very close up, also I don't know if its suppose to be like this but you can feel a line between the binding and the neck that goes all the way up the neck but at some spots its smooth and you cant feel a line at all.. Then where the body and the neck meets theres a seam there which sorta looks like a crack but im not sure?? and if thats what all les pauls have?
then I turned it over and saw what looked like a crack near the pick guard? and another weird seam that looks like a crack? then felt the body of the guitar and I could feel some more seams...... the tone knobs are also moving left and right when you turn them, and another thing (which isn't a problem) on most of the binding where the frets are there is red/black scrapes and dots, And theres red paint on the neck binding (paint is on lots of places on the binding) ..also I noticed that that both of the pick ups are raised higher on one side and really low on the other and there loose aswell.. anyways then I picked it up to see if the neck was warped which turns out to look warped but not just the neck but I also noticed that the body of the guitar looks like it could be warped!!? do les pauls have curves in them? (like one side sticks out more forward then the other side? please can someone identify these things and tell me if these are issues???? This is my first les paul, I love gibsons. I just wanted to know if this is common and if it should be send back? and if so does anyone know if long and mcquade would take it back for these issues? Thanks in advance.... Pictures--- (I tried to take pictures of the cracks and paint, dots on binding but they show up too blurry on my camera so that would be something you'd need to see in person) --- I have a bunch of pictures heres the photobucket link ---- (put http:// in before typing the link because otherswise it wont let me posts links on this forum for some reason)

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Take it back. This is why you always try the exact guitar you're going to buy, especially with Gibsons. Their quality control has always been scattershot.

Also sounds like you need to spend some time trying out more guitars. Obviously the binding thing is a flaw, but you've got a billion questions there and it sounds like you're not ready to identify issues beyond obvious, glaring problems. You need to be able to know what's acceptable and what's not before buying a guitar this expensive. If you're not able to identify the difference between a crack and a seam, or the difference between an angled set neck and a warped neck, it's going to be hard for us to help. For example your description of the 'warped body' doesn't make any sense - Les Pauls do have curves, but your description is too vague for us to be able to tell you if something is wrong. A couple hours in a shop with a bunch of guitars would hammer most of this out for you, and then you can be an informed customer.
First off, the binding thing is inexcusable. Send it back and get a refund or a replacement.

As for the other things, like the pickup being crooked and the pots being loose, those are fixable. But don't mess with anything, just send it back.

I don't think the neck or body is warped. I guess it's possible, but I don't see it in the pics, and it could just look funny to you.

Whatever the case, send it back.
Looks like you got a lemon. If you're still wanting the Trad just exchange it for a different one.
Also does anyone know if theres suppose to be a line you can feel the goes up the neck in les pauls along with a crack like seam where the fretboard joins to the body? so I could look for what not to get in another les paul.