The last one was meant to be called Embolisation. This one is meant to be called Amaurosis.

A History of Disappearances: Amaurosis

In moments of intense light
everything is reflected and percieved equally
and bodies wade around in invisibility, in
sudden blindness, but what if sudden lasted
much longer than the moment, and what if
someone could move around that way
for a year or a lifetime, unseeing and unseen,
wandering in darkness not for lack of light
but for its overwhelming presence, white light
unfiltered and without information, and what if
in the same way she loses the world around her,
it could lose her--the spectrum unable to negotiate her form,
it's waves, instead diffusing entirely around her, around
you, Martha, and continuing unrippled and unchanged.
It is in this way that blindness has inverted you,
caused you to slip into the negative space between particles,
between the cars and trees, traffic cones like obstructions
in a pinball machine, the water that surrounds the city
that you feel, instead, as emptiness
and that doesn't feel you at all--
you've felt absent around your husband
and as the two of you came launching out of the Lincoln Tunnels
and slowed to rest at their far side
to clean the windshield of fog,
you both stepped into the flash of daylight
that follows dimness, where in the glare he lost sight of you,
and the light did too.
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