Can anyone recommend me a good book on how to or get ideas on songwriting
I'm into rock music and blues
The best way to learn it is to just do it. It's hard at first and your songs probably won't turn out how you'd like, but try to write as much as you can and eventually you'll find yourself becoming better.
Yeah but I've no ideas to get me started, I thought a book might get me started
I strongly recommend Dominic Pedler's "Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles." Hands down, the best book on songwriting and practical theory that I've ever read.

A fair amount of songwriting 101 stuff (theory basics, principles of harmonization) is relegated to the appendices. But don't be fooled, that book is gold, gold, gold.

Haven't read anything else that comes close.
Thanks, I might get that next then, although im not a massive Beatles fan,
I went ahead and just ordered 'songwriters on songwriting' by Paul zollo, it sounds good
Zollo's book is good about, I dunno, the philosophy of songwriting. As far as practical nuts and bolts? Not so much. It's enjoyable, but I didn't find it particularly enlightening.