I have the opportunity to buy either of these. I have heard that the components on the new MIM Strats are much better than the old ones. Any truth in that? Which one do you think is better or are they pretty much the same? As usual any and all advice and comments are greatly appreciated.
Yes, MIM Standards got an overhaul in 2006, so there are differences between the two.

In the grand scheme of things, though, they're basically the same. Get whichever one you like better.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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You might also want to check the frets. The '96 is 17 years old. could have a nice aged look, but could also have a lot fret wear.
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You might also want to check the frets. The '96 is 17 years old. could have a nice aged look, but could also have a lot fret wear.

Good point. I guess you could say that about every used guitar really, but with something that old it's even more of an issue to look at. 17 years is a LOOONG time for a guitar, especially if it was played all the time.
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My dad has a 1992 MIM Strat that grew up with me. No other MIM Strat feels remotely comfortable compared to it. Everything on the newer ones seems cheap and thin; mine feels like it's built very well. I would never buy another MIM Strat. I don't know how objective my opinion is, however, since I grew up playing it...
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17 years old isn't really that old if its been kept well, even if it has had a lot of usage. My 1994 Ibanez Jem spent many a night in the back of a van trekking up and down the country on hot sweaty stages played hard on a daily basis from the day I bought it and is still in fine condition. When I bought it (in 2005) it was like new but despite the hard life it has lead since then it is still in great condition.

I've got a 1999 MIM Fender Strat that I bought new in 2002, while it has issues that essencially go back to the construction/design/build quality, in terms of wear it is in very good condition, and again It has been played a lot over the years.

But, with that said... If it was my choice I would without a doubt in my mind go for the 2012 MIM Strat if testing them side by side was not a possibility.
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guitars aren't the same, you should play them both. I prefer older craftsmanship, but like everyone else in this thread, my opinion is my own and your opinion is yours.
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Their both great. I own a 95 and a 2012 and both are awesome guitars. It all comes down to preferences. Different neck radius, different fret wire. But regardless both are great guitars.

My advice, try them both out man. Like I said both are great just have different preferences
i went through a bunch of them (probably a dozen) and found the right one. 1995 maple on olympic white. sounds good looks good. feels nice. no wear.

the older MIM's i have had are nicer than the newer ones, i had a 2010 and it wasn't all that great, i had a major gap in the neck pocket, sames as another one that was newer, and it had sharp frets.

fretware is the most important thing. if you get a MIM and get it refretted, the refretting would be more expensive than the guitar. i have picked up MIM's for as low as $150-$175 used. a refret would cost $200 depending what all you need.
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