I have only played with 2 guitarist and one has been playing for 7 years and the other 38, i have been playing for 6 months, I want to know how should i have progressed? Should or should i not be able to play whole songs? How long should it take to learn a whole song? Bare chords? power chords? Open chords? scales?

I know it's different for everyone but i'm just curious

Basically what would you expect to see if you were about to play with someone who has played for 6 months?

Cheers! I appreciate it.
6 months of what? There's a big difference in 6 months of noodling and 6 months of focussed practicing. I'd suggest you shoot a video and let the forum be the judge..
There is no should, stop worrying about it.

everyone learns different things at different times in different ways at different speeds. The absolute worse thing you can do is start worrying about how you "stack up" compared to others, especially if they've been playing far longer than you.

What other people have or haven't done has absolutely no bearing or influence on your own progress, there's absolutely nothing to be gained from thinking about it.

You know what you know, you don't know what you don't know - it's as simple as that. And 6 months is nothing, I honestly wouldn't expect any great progress in such a short period, that's barely enough time for the guitar to start feeling comfortable in your hands. That's not to say people can't make significant progress in that time, if you put the work in, are focussed and take to the instrument quickly then you may well see decent results but i honestly think those cases are the exception rather than the rule.

If you want to know if you're on the right track then feel free to post a video of your playing and ask for tips, unless you' have a teacher in which case you should really be asking them.
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Ask the guy who has played for 38 years if he feels there is stuff he doesn't know. Then look at your 6 months and stop worrying about it.
I'd say 4 months of serious practice, i'll try get a video up in a couple of days, for it to be judged.
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So as you can see, forum peeps on UG give that "stop thinking so hard" answer. And trust me I used to ask the same shit to myself. But I mean check it, there's a lifetime and more to learn on any instrument... and I've been playing for 1 year 2 months, apparently I'm still at the baby stage til around 3-4 where I can say I've BEEN playing guitar.

Then again it varies person to person, the amount of practice and if your practice is efficient. I mean yeah set some realistic goals for yourself but not based on skill, base it on what song you want to learn in x amount of time, what scale you want to master w/e.

After a while I was like it's just too much to think about, play to have fun and you'll get better in no time. And will be telling your noob friends the same, as I do.