Is there anyway i can put a whammy bar on a guitar that isn't built with one?

I don't have the money to buy a guitar with one. I was going to use an Epiphone Les Paul 100 if that helps.

I don't want to ruin the guitar so if it will ruin it let me know thanks

Cheers guys
There are a couple of options, but none of them cheap unfortunately. I put a Bigsby tremolo on my cheap Epi SG, using the vibramate adapter plate so I didn't need to drill any extra holes in the body - just swap out the stop tailpiece for the bigsby.

The other option (though I haven't tried this one) is the Stetsbar:

Again, this just drops on in-place of the standard tailpiece and (to my knowledge) requires no additional holes.

Hope this helps
in my opinion, the stetsbar is the better bet. it has more travel, is easier to set up, and isn't an absolute pain in the butt to restring... it is more expensive though (i think)

another option you could look at is the schaller les paul trem
The Schaller Les Trem is an absolute travesty. I think it's a terrible design and I can't possibly recommend against it strongly enough.

I also think the vibramate is an easier setup than the stetsbar, but neither of them are a difficult setup. I wouldn't waste that much money putting either one of those systems on a LP100 though, so it's a moot point. Both of those systems cost more than the guitar is worth.

For a good cheap option, I'd do one of these -