I'm looking to make the switch to wireless, but I am completely unfamiliar with what is good and what is not. I'd like something of decent quality and range without breaking the bank. Perhaps 50 ft range in the 200 dollar area.
$200 isn't enough to get a good wireless unless you get lucky with something used. Save up for a Line 6 Relay, that's as cheap as you can safely go with wireless units.
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The main issue with wireless guitar issues (more so with the cheaper stuff) is interference from other electrical devices & reliability. So I'd just bear that in mind before splashing out on a system.
I've heard Shure offer some of the best bottom end systems. Have a look at the PG system.
I've got a Line 6 G30 which is brilliant, though it cost me $300. If you can stretch your budget to that, definitely get it.
Line 6 all the way, I gig with the G50 but am sure the G30 will work just as well.
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