right im a an 16 year old player i have a budget of £250
i want a acoustic guitar well worth the money for giging and busking(i can easily install pickups)
i cannot decide which one of these i want...
i really confused.
its between a sigma and a tanglewood.

firstly the acoustic i like is a sigma Dm15:
it full mahogany back sides with standard dread body.
looks real nice and all for the price of £220

sencondly there the Tanglewood TW138 SD what is simlar body but slope shouldred.
it same body (mahogny) and rosewood frets and that.
it look much better with the slotted vintage style headstock.

i cannot make my mind up...
is there any other guitars within myy price range....what are mahagony?
i know there are the vintage v300 but i dislike the body shape and apperance...