Hey everyone,

My band has just released a 5 track EP. We're a 4-piece Rock band (Indie/Alt/Prog.. I don't really know what sub-genre we fall into) from Toronto, Canada.

Check us out, I look forward to your constructive criticism.



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This is good dude! Pretty polished sounding. Haven't listened to the whole EP yet, but the first song is very catchy. I especially like the bass and drums - very energetic. Do you guys play a lot in Toronto? Maybe I'll come check you out some time.

P.S. the album cover is...interesting, haha.
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Thanks for the listen! Hope you check out the rest of the songs, they differ quite a bit in terms of style. We do play a lot in Toronto. Our next show is April 25th at The Hideout. As it happens, it's also our official release party for the EP. We also have several more coming up at Velvet Underground, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Sister, and a bunch of others. The details will be on our FB page and our website (www.bastardsunshine.com).

Thanks again!
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