I've been trying out a lot of distortion pedals and overdrives recently and my current choice is a rat for my thinline tele with p90's and then when I use my classic 60's tele with single coils I tend to add a tubescreamer into the mix.

What I'm looking for is a fatter sounding pedal which will achieve a distortion tone similar to the lead guitar in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mBFnF351PXo .

Myamp is an AC30 and I love it so am not considering change, I just want to add a new flavour to it and am looking for a pedal to do this.

My budget is around £150 max and I have had a look at the crunchbox and blackstar ht duals so opinions on those would be great.
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Most of the thickness you experience in the tone of that video comes from volume. Many speakers + plenty of watts = large tone.

If you want to get close to that at home, you can pick up something like a 6505+ and run it through some 4x12s.

Pedals alone, through an AC30 is not going to get you what you want.
where does the lead guitar start? trying to avoid having to listen to the whole song

but yeah assuming you mean that lead bit at the start i think it's probably just volume as 6505fiz says. it should be easily achievable with a rat and ts with an ac30 i'd have thought.
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hmmm a 6505 for pop, probably not a good idea

The tone I heard in that video, the lead tone is most certainly not the stereotypical "pop" tone. Rather a thick, rich and meaty distorted tone.

Something a metal amp would provide quite nicely.

So would a Marshall JCM, whatever you want to use.
Why don't you just buy an eq pedal to pair with the Rat?