they're pretty expensive but singing and playing guitar is my passion
but I already took choir, so I'm not sure if I should bother
anyone here that took singing lessons and have input?

heres my singing a song i wrote


there's also another song on my channel of me singing a more upbeat song
You will definately benefit from taking some lessons! I myself have gotten better at singing through an online singing course by Ken Tamplin (focused on singing rock mainly). Something to think about when you're gonna start taking lessons is to see if the teacher can sing himself and what techniques he is using. You should also ask the person if he got any mp3s of scales and stuff for you to practice with on your own. Some improvements I think you could make is having better support and not use as much air when singing the song like you are doing now as it will dry out your chords.
Without a doubt!
I've been doing it for some time now, and I've improved. You learn loads! How to warm up properly, how to breath while singing. It's really beneficial. I can't recommend it enough!

But remember. You have to find a teacher who suits you. I've been through quite a lot, to find the one for me.