Weeknights in short sleeve shirts.
My stool edges further from the bar
as my legs kick for their last breath, I'm strangling it.

Creep out in the heat, half a ghost,
and the spirits I pass are so other-worldly
that if I tried to hold a seance, they wouldn't hear me.

They dress like they never left the showing.
Someone brushed the still-growing hair from their cold ears,
closed their mouth, opened their eyes, set the features;
and now for a night on the town!

So I head home, half ghoul.
I drag my dead legs into my now half-haunted room.
I regret 13 years out of 26,
and in my eulogy I was only partly good,
and whatever half the amount of many is,
by only that many was I missed.

And now I'm three feet under.
I'm cold beneath tangled, partial covers.
My closet door is cracked, and there appears an unearthly glow:
I fear it's another half lost soul!

But she isn't there.
She moved on to a better afterlife,
leaving me in bars on weeknights,
and my dying wish will be that she's only half happy.
We're only strays.
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