I was hoping to find out if it is possible to mute the low E with your thumb on a A chord without accidently muting the high E?
I can't do it for the life of me.
Best thing to do is get better at only picking the string you want, muting with your thumb just seems awkward.
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Thanks for the reply JW.
Yeh, My aim is pretty good when I'm strumming acoustic. Just recently started muting everything, just to improve my technique overall. 4 string chords muting E and A, not a problem. Just this damn A chord I can't get.
Sorry I wasn't more helpful, it's hard for me to think about mechanics when I don't have a guitar in my hand.
How does the thumb affect the high E string? I have never heard of that. Also how do you fret the chord? (Im assuming its the A chord on the second fret) Do you bar it with the index finger or do you play it with three fingers? If so which ones?
I'd play A with my middle, ring, and pinky and mute with my thumb. I hope that solves your problem
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Hey spectred! A little "secret": have you ever tried to play the A chord with the fingers 2-1-3 (from low to high)? This may help... I like this fingering and use it a lot. By the way, I learned it from one of my guitar students. He has big hands with thick sausage fingers :-) and had the same problem as you until he started to use this fingering instead of the standard 1-2-3