I'm searching for my first 7 string guitar for music like Scale the Summit. something that will do cleans and relatively high gain well. I've settled primarily on the new PRS SE7. I like the way way PRSs play and feel, and it seems like the right guitar for the job. So:

Any guitars that are similar in quality/price? ($700 us is my max)
And does anyone know what gauge strings they come strung with?

I think this is the one, convince me for or against it
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I'd rather get an Ibanez RGIR27FE and get real EMGs for $700, or even better get an RG7321 and put in a DiMarzio set.
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You could get an Agile 7 string and mod the ever loving shit out of it for $700.
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When I was shopping for my most recent guitar I was looking at the SE7 but what really turned me off on it was the 25" scale length. If you can deal with that then it seems like a decent guitar otherwise. There are certainly better options for the money though.
Yeah a 25 inch scale length for a 7 doesn't sound too appealing to me. If you want to tune lower than B you'll need some pretty heavy strings so you can intonate properly.