I was wondering and figuring out what notes you can end your lick on.
So instead of asking and waiting for th answer I did some research myself and found out that ending on your 1, 3 and 5 sounds fairly 'save and familiar' however a b7 does it in blues aswell...
So I'm suspecting the reason why these notes sound good is because they are all in the chord your playing over, right?

Correct me if I'm wrong please
Yep. Ending on the tonic is the strongest, a third is alright, a fifth isn't stable, and neither is a b7, but less so. 1, 3 and 5 are all notes of a triad, and blues often uses dominant seventh chords, which has the b7 interval.

But in the end, use whatever sound good to you.
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K thanks So I suppose the single notes have the same characteristics as grades? Like 1st grade is 'home' so using the 1 note feels a bit like home?

And then 2nd grade feels like... And grade ... is far from home
How you end depends on the harmony and rhythm. If your lick ends on the dominant, you definitely do not want to play scale degree 1. You should be able to craft licks for each harmony with in the key and move between them in the progression.
You can end a lick on any note you want, it all depends on how resolved YOU want things to sound.

Typically at the end of a passage you do want resolution, but it's all down to your personal choice - you're doing the right thing by experimenting and discovering things for yourself though. Just keep listening and experimenting so you're in a better position to pull the sound you want to hear out of the bag consistently.
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