Looking for a fretless J or PJ bass (maple fretboard & headstock strongly preferred) with a contoured heel, or neck through/set neck build. Basically anything but a Fender style block heel.

Also looking for something with the same specs but with MM style pickups and 24 frets.

Cost isn't really a factor, I'm just trying to find out if anyone actually makes basses with these specs, without having to go custom.
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Spector (Euro or US for the fretless, US for the fretted w/ MM pups). Maybe an old US Peavey Millennium 4 Plus (not 24 frets though).

There's a number of smaller builders who would probably be able to make what you want. A LeCompte Acid J sounds like it would be up your alley. Tom Clement would probably build something to your specs for a reasonable price. You could probably find Elrick Expats, Golds, or Platinums that fit your requirements. Roscoe could also probably build what you want in one of their basses.
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