Hi all,

First, thank you in advance for your help. I am the owner of an Epiphone Casino hollow body guitar. I absolutely love everything about this guitar and it's served me well for years.

I recently started playing in a new style that requires me to form chords very high on the guitar's neck, including the highest fret (22). Due to the casino's body design, it's pretty much impossible to play comfortably on these upper frets. My question is: Has anybody ever heard of removing the piece of the body interfering with these frets? If such an alteration is possible, it might make more sense than buying a brand new guitar just to play a few songs.

I greatly appreciate your help!
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If it were solid body it'd be doable, but I wouldn't do any chopping on a semi/full hollow body.
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In my opinion, it's too much work. If it were a solid-body it would still take a fair amount of effort to repaint that section and get it looking normal, but with a hollow-body you also have to make some serious modifications to the body.
Definitely too much work, and it would probably look terrible.

I think it's time to consider buying another guitar.
You definitely can not do it. The tenon on Casinos isn't long enough to support the neck and body if you were to deepen the cutaway. The only guitars you could really do that to are neck-throughs and some types of bolt-on.

Ask yourself if you really have to be playing chords at the 22nd fret; unless you actually have to use the 1st string on the 22nd fret, you could move the chord further back and a string higher. Failing that, what you need is some form of prog/shred-orientated guitar; there are 27-fret super-Strats that have completely unobstructed access up to the 24th fret.
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Kind of what mrfibble said. From the bridge up is where the guitar bears tension from the strings on most guitars. But for the Casino and other hollow bodies, I would think that it would almost be asking for warping.

Also, I know that my casino doesn't get the best tone, especially for chords, that high on the neck. What style of playing are you playing that you would need to do chords that high on the neck?
Thanks to each of you for your helpful input.

The style of playing I'm trying to achieve is a little hard to describe. I'd attach an mp3 here, but I can't seem to find a way to do it. Suffice to say the songs lend themselves well to those sweet, buttery high frequency tones.

Perhaps I could also tune my strings 3 semitones higher since I can comfortably play the 19th fret? Or do you think that would break the strings? (I am using 11 gauge ernie ball strings)

If that isn't possible, I think it's safe to say it's time for me to purchase a new guitar. Can anyone recommend a good hollow body guitar with access to the higher frets?

Thank you again!
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also depending on what you're trying to achieve it might well be a case of thinking outside the box, tuning up is certainly an option although you might need lighter strings, there might even be a case for something like Nashville tuning...
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If you do decide it's time for a new fiddle, Epiphone 339's have pretty great upper fret access for a semi-hollow.

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If you're looking for a new (semi?) hollowbody, you could consider the above Epiphones, the Ibanez Artcore series, a thinline tele, or even a Hagstrom Viking. I don't have much experience with hollowbody guitars, but those are just suggestions based of a quick glance at MF.
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