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Introducing the BeatBuddy: The world's first Guitar Pedal / Drum Machine hybrid!

See the demo video:


- Plugs right in with your other pedals to play a drum beat through your amp. No mixer required!

- Hands free functionality: Add fills, transition from verse to chorus, add 'one off' accent hits (such as cymbal crashes or hand claps) - all with a press of a pedal!

- Pre-loaded with 8 unique drum sets, and up to 1000 songs (verse/chorus beat progressions) in each of 8 musical styles!

- Adjust tempo with a turn of the knob, or with a tap of a button

- Connects with standard mini USB cable.

- Completely customizable with included computer interface software.

- Load your own beats and drum sets! Share them with your friends.

- New beats and drum sets to be available for download on regular basis.

- Beautiful strong construction made from anodized aluminum. Built to last and withstand tough live performance environments.

See the demo video:

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Oh wait, no it's not.

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And how so "the world's first guitar pedal/drum machine hybrid"? My Digitech RP355 is a guitar pedal and it has a drum machine so this is complete BS.
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I wouldn't even consider buying this when I can make my own fully sequenced drum tracks in an audio sequencer program. Who would buy this?

Does it do 3/4 timings for 1.5 bars then 1/2 a bar at 5/4 before going back into a regular 4/4 pattern?

Didn't think so.
Not quite the correct place for a product pricing study.
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