Hey everyone,
My name is Jess and I'm 13.
I'm looking for a band to join or possibly to start up a band!
I play the guitar, and have years of experience in acoustic and a small amount in electric.
I'm very adaptable and can play most music styles. I like to play some Metallica, and just whatever song I see I usually just give a go.
My voice I'll admit isn't fantastic but I can rap.
So if anyone's looking for a young female guitarist, or if you require any more information, feel free to contact me at

I am actually interested in this and wont stuff you around!
Peace <3
I'm sorry, this just really seems like one of those "to catch a predator things"

Though if you are serious, you should list general area, like what city you live in.
Thanks @soundjam, sorry this is my first time posting one of these things..
I come from Australia in the state of Victoria, approximately 3 and a half hours north of Melbourne