It is perhaps easy to write an imaginative fiction about logical refugee. But it is actually tough to think realistically and do something substantial for fundamental refugee. The fiction might be received with brilliant reviews by media and the intellectuals. But, ‘work is always better then intellectual exercise’, as has been asserted by Chānakya. So, if one has ever put in some thoughts about the people of Bangladesh; or realizes how a great number of them are becoming refugees every day, he/she would end up with nothing else but Goethe’s phrase: ‘work, work & work’ for them.
Comprehending this, Udbastu Foundation has begun to work. It has been working diligently for the last three years in three different districts of Bangladesh. Like John F. Kennedy we too realize that, ‘Our problems are man-made, therefore they could be solved by men. No problem regarding human destiny is beyond the scope of human beings.’
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