New guitar!
I went to the shop, planning on either buying a Sigma DRC-28E or a Takamine EG340DLX.

As I was looking around in the shop, I fell over a Taylor Big Baby. As I've never tried a Taylor guitar before, and it was in my price range, I thought I'd give it ago. I fell in love with the sound straight away.
I couldn't believe how great it sounded. After I had played on the Taylor for 30 minutes, I went back to try out the Takamine and Sigma. As I was trying out the the Takamine and Sigma for quite a while, I couldn't stop thinking about the sound of the Taylor.. So in the end, I bought it! =)

392 pounds, and it came with a Taylor gig bag as well. Overall I'm well impressed!
congrats ! i love taylors. i have a '08 hotrod 614ce and love it. you'll be happy with that baby for years to come. taylors have a very distinct sound.
I've tuned it down a full step from standard, and the sound is AMAZING. Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

How do I have to take care of it? I mean, should I moisturize it with something or?
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i would get a case humidifier for it. the Planet Waves one is pretty decent. it's a nice guitar, your gonna wanna keep it humidfied. other than that, welcome to about 3 months of guitar hell as you try all kinds of different strings to see what you prefer. yours should have Elixers on it. nice strings until the coating starts to fray and come off. i hate that. i just us the D'addario EXP16's on most of my guitars. oil the fretboard about once a year maybe. some people dont but there are some frets that my body oil doesn't hit so i still oil it once a year. simple guitar polish once in a while should do it.
i'm headed to San Diego next month to see some friends. i might just stop by Taylor headquarters.... kinda like a pilgrimage ! they may just end up getting a BTO order from me the sneaky bastards!
Tell me, why would you tune it down a whole step? Cheers
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Tell me, why would you tune it down a whole step? Cheers
If I didn't live alone, I'd tune everything down a whole step, so I could sing an F4, and pretend it was the G4 of standard tuning.

I tend to screech a bit on that one...

Now think, where have you heard a guitar tuned in D standard, it might be as recently as yes-ter, day, ay, ay, ay?
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Tell me, why would you tune it down a whole step? Cheers

Just because I like the tuning really. And there is a song on my setlist, which is a "sad" song, so I reckon that D tuning suits it better than standard. And as it's the first song on my list, and the tuning is low, it kinda works out like an extra warmup for my voice, as I don't have to hit the high notes yet.