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You might want to spell "association" correctly next time.

OMG that was soo helpful, thank you, now spell something in Croatian please!
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I am aware that I am not a professional video producer, as are the people who watch my channel, I am an amateur guitar player from Croatia, and this is why i asked what "you" think of the music in this video here on our ultimate guitar forum

I will surely fix the spelling in the future version and i have you to thank for that, but i am not at this point interested of what people think of the non existing video effects. I will eventually change the whole graphics and text as i am not fully happy with the way it is now, and also the order of clips is not ideal, but i am interested in the music part mostly at this time.
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I am a guitarist, as well as a musician, and as such, I'm also a person interested in music. People like me will be watching your channel, and so it would be a good idea to listen.
You don't need to be professional to act and look professional. If you're making a video just to introduce your channel, then how it looks is important. Otherwise, why make a video like that in the first place?