I was looking for a rock-hard rock band. Today I went to an audition for a band. The guy was way older than me and had more experience like a musician. Mainly he played blues, jazz, funk. And showed me his song, they all had the same shapes of blues chords and rhytms, I have never played blues this was my first time. Am I a bad musician if I dont know how to play other types of genres??
If you're looking for a hard rock band, why did you try out with a guy who plays mainly blues, jazz, & funk?

Unless, of course, you're hoping to be a blues-influenced rock band...
he didin't tell me what he play, i thought if he answered the add, then he is off that genre
Ultimately, nobody plays every type of music with equal ability.

There are some great rock musicians who would struggle with bossa nova. There are blues musicians who can't play metal. etc, etc etc.

Blues is such a foundational thing with contemporary music that it's rare to find somebody who doesn't even have a passing familiarity with it, but it happens. No biggie. Listen, learn, and improve.