Hi all. So I was at Guitar Center this weekend and got my hands on a PRS Custom 24 SE. (with the HFS Treble pickup, and Se Vintage Bass pickup)

I really really liked how this guitar sounded for one, and played for two. (I was able to play this through my amp (6505+) The Custom 24 SE sounded very warm, had unreal punch, and was super clear without all the unwanted noise. ( I was playing with a lot of gain for a modern metal sound. (If I would have had the money in my pocket at that time, I would have bought this guitar)

The other thing I really liked was that when I backed down the volume on bridge pickup, you could almost get a very good clean tone, and once you turn the volume knob back up, it's right back to that hard core screaming metal tone...It seemed very precise with the adjustment on the volume, along with having a huge range to mess with.

BUT...The other PRS I am wondering about is the Signature Mark Tremonti Custom 24 SE. (This guitar was not there to play)

The Signature Tremonti Custom 24 SE guitar has the SE 245 Treble, and SE 245 Bass pickups in it. Is there anyone who can tell me how these will compare to the pickups that are in the regular Custom 24 SE?

I like to play a lot of harder rock/metal...If you have any other recommendations, I am completely open to your suggestions.
(I understand the PRS Dragons are popular for this, although from what I've read on PRS's web site, they don't really have the hotness of the HFS?
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If you want to play rock/metal the HFS and Bass are the way to go. I have not tried the SE version of the 245, but i have owned a US 245 and the pickups are a little more ''vintage'' voiced.

I have also owned a Us Custom 24 with HFS and Bass, those are a little more rock/metal voiced.

I have also owned a Us Custom 22, with Dragon 2 pickups, those where really dark. I didnt like them at all.

I would go for the HFS and Bass if you are going to play rock/metal.