First off I'd like to thank anyone who gave me input on choosing pickups. I settled on Dimarzios. PAF 36th anniversary (neck) and a Super Distorsion (bridge). Can't wait to hear them through the new amp!

The guitar I'm putting them in is an Ibanez RG3exfm1. It is completely empty right now, as in no wiring whatsoever. I have the PUPs, the pots, and the jack. What else do I need? And how do I do it correctly?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks to everyone's input on OD pedals too! I went with the TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
Wires, solder and a soldering iron, I believe. Those Dimarzios aren't fancy shmancy solderless, right? If they are, then I'm not sure.
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^you still need to connect the jacks, pots, etc so you'd need a whole wireless kit for the guitar.

Quote by foochcky
The guitar I'm putting them in is an Ibanez RG3exfm1. It is completely empty right now, as in no wiring whatsoever. I have the PUPs, the pots, and the jack. What else do I need?

you need to know the design of how you're gonna wire it together. you can usually do this by looking at a bunch of wiring diagrams and deciding on the setup you prefer and then cross-referencing that with the pups specs.

here is a page full of wiring diagrams with all kinda of pup selector options and knob options. pick one, then make a list of parts needed to implement it. then buy the parts. then mount them and solder them together

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And how do I do it correctly?

take your time? use a solder pencil?

look up youtube, there should prob be 100,000 hits on wiring a guitar up. look at about a dozen of these videos. after doing that i'd do a mock-up and wire a shitty guitar i didn't care about and do all my practicing on that. after i figured it all out i'd wire up the ibanez.
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Practice. Practice. Aaaaaaaand practice. I'd specifically practice soldering wires to the backs of pots. To me thats the hardest part of wiring up guitars. Soldering wires to lugs is pretty simple, IMO.


1. make sure your iron is properly heated before starting (solder should instantly melt when you touch it to the tip)
2. make sure the tip is always tinned, this keeps the tip from oxidizing, which makes soldering much harder
3. after stripping any wires to be soldered, twist the strands together and tin them
4. scuff up the backs of pots before soldering to them, makes things much easier.

Other than that, take your time and check your work as you go (with a multimeter)
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post here these guys know there shit and have helped me learn how to do it. that thread has everything you need.
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Required items: Soldering Iron, Wire, Solder, Flux (if solder is not a flux core) and Shrink wrap for the connections, this is an optional step but provides further protection for the connection. As mentioned make sure the tip of the soldering iron is tinned and is always nice and clean, and make sure to flux anywhere you are going to solder, especially if the solder does not have a flux core to it, this will help the solder spread out evenly and smoothly and allows for a better connection. When you go to solder something to the back of your pots scuff them up with a piece of sand paper or something so the solder sticks to them easily. Don't burn yourself and don't inhale a bunch of the fumes, take your time and it will be fairly easy.


Best way to figure out how you need to wire up a guitar.
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