So this is a complete bare-bones demo track that isn't even finished for what is going to be the fastest track I've ever recorded. It's more punky/metally than most things I do, but I'm really looking forward to trying to lay down vocals for this.

What do you guys think of it? I'm really not very experienced with this kind of thrashy/punkish style.

C4C, of course.
Try using a wider variety of drum patterns. For example, in the chorus (or whatever the part with all the ringing chords will be), instead of off-beat, you could switch the snare to on every quarter note. And for the parts with the snare off-beat, it'll help if you keep time on the cymbal/hat in eighth notes, instead of quarters. You could also look into blast beats, but I'm not sure that would fit. Otherwise, not bad at all.
Guitar has rather high frequencies, but I am sensitive to that. Guitar riffs are good. I agree the main drum beat is fairly repetitive. I myself, am not fond of blast beats, but that is purely a personal preference. It does feel like it needs vocals. Sounds good overall so far. Please review my music at this link: