I am running a pretty large pedalboard (over a dozen), and I am experiencing odd signal loss issues. Sometimes everything works fine, sometimes I get no sound at all. All the time, every pedals' LED light is on despite the lack of sound. I went straight to my amp and there's no issue there. I am running a One Spot, a separate 9.6v adapter, a 12v adapter, and an 18v adapter from one power strip plugged into an outlet. If anyone has any tips for troubleshooting, please share. Thanks in advance.
Test all your connecting cables, wiggle them all to try and repeat the problem, could also be a faulty/shorting pedal jack.
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I just went through everything, everything appears to work as they should. I powered up the power strip, full volume for about a second and then it rapidly went to no sound. powered down, turned back on a minute later, and everything worked until I stopped playing, as if nothing is wrong. Thoughts?
One at a time, remove a pedal, then test.
If problem remains, put pedal back in.
repeat for all pedals.
Also, check your power supplies.
Make sure none of them are overheating.
yep. can easily be a pedal. for example, my delay is going screwey. when i turn it on, sometimes no sound goes through. i cycle the switch a few times and it fixes itself.

luckily, i use my amp loop on off to switch it.
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