Alright, so I just got some new springs to put onto my double locking tremolo so I can increase my string tension. I've got two question though.

1. Is it alright if the tremolo springs aren't balanced out across the clamping mechanism? Right now I have 3 springs that would be behind the low E, A and D strings, no spring behind the B string and a spring behind the high e string. I just want to make sure that's alright and it won't mess up the tremolo somehow.

2. This is kind of stupid and probably depends on the actual tremolo or guitar manufacturer, but anyways, here it is: does anyone know how long he screws are that connect the clamping mechanism to the actual guitar body? In the future I may want to loosen them so I can tune lower without removing a spring but I don't want to loosen them too much and have them come out of the guitar.

The guitar in question is an Ibanez RGT42FM with an Edge Pro II bridge if that has anything to do with my 2nd question.

Thanks for any help and advice you can offer!
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I would say start with 3 springs parallel to each other like I-I-I and see how that works. If that isn't enough tension, add another spring like this I-I-I-I

The screws are about 3 inches long usually, but I wouldn't worry about backing them out so far that it will fall out...

Also, tuning down with a floyd that isn't blocked off is kind of a hard thing to do. To get the guitar to stay in tune you would have to completely set up the guitar again for the new tuning. If alternate tunings is something you would want to do often, you should probably want something like a tremol-no or a tremstopper.

This should help, along with the rest of this guy's videos. Check 'em out.
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For the first question, you should try make them evenly balanced. Sounds like you're using 4 springs, have it so the middle lugs of the claw and tremolo block has no spring on it, so 2 either side.

For the second question, I'd say just try take the screws out next time you do a string change where you remove all strings. Screws can come in different lengths, so only way to know is looking yourself sometimes.
Alright, thanks for the help guys!
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