I'm thinking about getting a new amp, I'll have about 700-1000 to spend. I don't have the space for a cab+head so that's out of the question. It'd need to be fairly loud because I need to be heard over a drummer and I'm not sure whether I should get a tube amp or solid-state amp. I have a 35 watt Orange Crush at the moment, and to be frank, it's a piece of crap, I'm currently using my old 15 watt Crate amp.

I mainly play hard rock like Nirvana, QOTSA and the Smashing Pumpkins, but I'm getting a strat soon so I'd like it to give good clean tones.

A few questions about tube amps:

How often will I have to replace the tubes?
Are they of a better quality than a solid-state amp?
Are they louder?
And I'd like YOUR personal opinion on them, I don't want something regurgitated from some website I've seen already (not to sound rude :p

BQ: What's the best multieffects pedal I could get for under 400?

Thanks in advance.
I recommend a Peavey Classic 30. It seems like a fine amp for your needs. Just loud enough to play gigs, not too large and heavy. Has great cleans and nice overdrive sounds, and a great price. Don't expect it play heavy rock without an overdrive pedal, though.

1. Power tubes usually need replacing every 1-3 years depending on use. Preamp tubes usually last for 5-7 years. If you're after a good tone, you should probably invest in a full retube after you buy buy a new amp.
2. Some are better, some are worse. Talking about build quality, generally there is no difference between a 1000$ tube and a 1000$ solid-state amp.
3. They are considered louder because in tube amps, watts are measured by the amp's clean output, while in solid-state amps watts are measured by maximum output. Loudness also depends on the speaker(s) you use.

As for a multieffect pedal, I recommend looking at Line 6 M9 pedal. Very broad range of effects and really easy to use. Sounds good, too.
Where are you located and what currency are we talking about?
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