A heart, sir, a heart is what I need.
Where are you, inevitable lover?
Are you in a predicament
waiting for a shining-armoured knight?
You long for the freedom of the seas
yet cling to the scrub-land,
your tether to the world.
Let go, good hope is there for a reason.
Let me harbour your tears,
your triumphs and your agonies.
Allow me to venture into wildernesses
longing for the trail back to our home.
Good God, loneliness.
Good God.
So after reading a couple of your works I would like to say I very much enjoy your style and flow of writing. It seems to all fit together just fine
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I wanted so dearly to like this.

It has this gravitas (that I generally feel your poetry has) that is classic. I always imagine your poetry being read by some deep-voiced godly-man while he looks over a stormy sea or something. BUT, I just felt like there wasn't enough content here. There were 14 lines, but I felt like you only said 3 or 5 lines worth of important information. It read well, it had a nice flow down the page, but when I finished I felt like you could have summed it all up with,

"Where are you, inevitable lover?
Good god, the loneliness."

and I wouldn't have missed too much. Hopefully I can go back to worshipping the ground you walk upon for your next piece.

I'd appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on, "Envelopes" in my sig.