I am new to the forums and if this is in the wrong forum please let me know.

A friend and I have been wanting to learn how to modify guitars and I would like a recommendation on a guitar that is relatively cheap and easy to modify for practice.
My friend has been buying cheap Gibson's and I don't know if that's a good idea. Also, I have been attempting to search for something on google but I cant seem to properly search for it. Its getting frustrating and I imagine you guys will be able to help. Let me know.
MIM Fenders, some of the nicer Squiers, Yamaha Pacificas, and anything Epiphone or Agile are good places to start. Any of the standard designs from the larger makers are easy enough to work on and find parts for. Low end Gibsons are fine too but you run the risk of fakes. I'd start with cheaper bolt-on guitars.
Thanks much. My friend has been using squire strats not Gibson. I will start looking in that direction.