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Know the streets really well
34 32%
Use GPS to find stuff whatever
3 3%
Know the streets on my side of town :shrug:
37 35%
Don't really know them well
7 7%
small town, not many roads to know
18 17%
i know the subway :cool:
4 4%
I'm 12 and what is this
3 3%
Voters: 106.
My hometown, I know them very well.

Where I live now, I know enough to take several routes to places I want to go. I'm far from being a walking (or driving) atlas, though.
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Yes, I am.
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I feel like a man should know the streets. He should always have a good sense of orientation.
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I wish I was American.

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I'd love it if I was Ryan Gosling....

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I live in a small town with lots farms and shit, there are like 10 roads to know.
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Back home I live in the country on a concession road, so I don't need to know streets or any of that nonsense. But in the city I live in now I know only the major streets. I have a good sense of direction but awful memory of street names. So chances are I could get you somewhere, or at least close to it, but just by saying "It's this way".
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I have a very good sense of direction and can remember where to go. Not good with street names though.

^ Yea, that

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I know the four biggest streets. If I get lost, I'll just drive east and hit one of them eventually.
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There are about four roads where I grew up, so I know that whole town pretty well. As for London, I gradually piece together different locations until I have a reasonably good command. Most of Westminster, Camden, and Islington, I'm reasonably confident I could find my way home without too much fuss, but not necessarily by the quickest route.
Just moved here about a year ago, and I haven't explored much, so I don't know them that well. I know certain areas better than others though.
I'm pretty good with my side of town. and I know how to get around all the major streets in the city. it's also easy to just 'cheat' and take the expressway(s).
I know my way around Paris pretty well, which is strange because I've lived here for 8 months, yet I lived in Manchester for 20 years and still have no idea where anything is.
Manchester is boring and Paris is nice though.

I don't know street names really, but they're all in French so I just don't bother.
i've lived in and worked in different areas of the city i live in so i've had to learn the different areas that way if there's problems with the roads i can get around them fairly easily
I'm exactly like him.

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I wish I was American.

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Pretty good. I have a good sense of direction too and can read maps.
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I know my hometown pretty well
I know Boston, but mostly by landmarks
And the city I currently reside in sucks ass, kinda know my way round
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I know the city streets pretty well in Toronto, Vancouver & London, and not so well but basic in a lot of other cities. I was a motorbike courier in London when I first got there, pretty damn confusing, always checking the maps
Haven't seen Drive in a long time, but...in the city, I'm average to good with directions/addresses. It's simple enough but if you get off the main drag I might not know what you're talking about.

Back in my hometown, in the suburbs, I'd say I'm good. May not know all the names, but give me some directions and I'd be fine...when I'm driving I know how to get around and shortcuts, where roads lead to and where I'll pop out if I take random ass turns. All in all, I could lose someone if I was being followed.
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My hometown I know like the back of my hand. The town I go to school in is a different story. I get lost driving around here all the time.
I know central London pretty well, mostly because there are a lot of landmarks and big streets, and i have had days where i was shopping or whatever and if i wasn't in a rush, i would purposefully get myself lost, and walk until i saw something that looked familiar, and so i got to know the streets a bit better.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I moved a couple months ago but I lived in the previous area for 13 years and knew pretty much every single road in a 5 mile radius.
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I know the streets of all of Darmstadt, Berlin, Groß Zimmern and Kiel.

And that's it. That's the entire extent of my knowledge of places and directions. If you put me in a random city anywhere else, I will get lost faster than a pick on a coffee table.
I live outside the nearest town and I probably know them better than anyone who lives in the town.
I know nearly every road in my city and the quickest routes between pretty much anywhere, how to navigate most blocks of flats, and my chances of getting a tip in any location.

I am...

A pizza delivery driver!

So yeah, knowing my way round is pretty important.
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I don't know my way around the streets overly well, but I have kicked in a guy's head in an elevator, so yeah, I am like the guy from Drive.

the above may not be entirely true
I know the streets. I don't know the names of the streets.

I know how to get somewhere, I couldn't tell you how to get there.
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I know parts of London.

Selling weed from my neighbourhood has given me some more depth of what's where and shown me even more back roads... And also, going to some other neighbourhoods in town... I get around town.
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Yes, the way the streets are set up here makes it super easy to know where you are.
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I feel like a man should know the streets. He should always have a good sense of orientation.

Picard has a big ass holographic map thing
this seems much more like a Ron ideal
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I'd love it if I was Ryan Gosling....

I would wank off in front of a mirror and say 'I am Ryan fucking Gosling'

It would be funny if he did do that.

I know my streets pretty well. And I navigate by pubs if I don't know the street name.
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