Some of you may have seen a couple of threads that I've posted in the past few days looking for somthing to help me avoid my normal tap-dancing routin when playing with all of my pedals...

After a ton of research over the past few days, I think I've narrowed my choice down to 2 switchers... The Carl Martin Octa-switch MkII and the Moen GEC9.

So as far as I can tell, both have similar capabilities; they can both allow me to assign all of my effects in different combos to a single switch, and they both can allow me to also assign my amps functions like channel selection or reverb. The only real differnce that I can see is that the Carl Martin cost about $100 more.

I'm posting here in hopes that someone here has some experience with either, or both of these switchers. I'm looking for a clear reason to buy one over the other.

I haven't really heard/read anything bad about the Moen, however I have never heard of this brand until yesterday.

I have read some reviews of people praising the Octa, and others complaining about quality of parts and noisy switches.

Can anyone offer me some insight on these porducts?


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