Writing as I listen. So far, I like the guitar riffs and the layout. What I notice lacking though is bass. I don't hear any bass guitar in any of it? I also think that the guitars themselves can be louder and more upfront, and with a bit more bottom end to them. Also, the rhythm guitars could use some double (or quad) left/right tracking to give it more presence and power. That would probably make the most difference in it actually, aside from adding the bass in with them. I really like the vocal concept, and the singing isn't half bad at all. I do notice they clip here and there a pretty good bit in places and could use some volume management, and maybe can do with having them better leveled with the double tracked vocals (which actually sound really nice I think!) Overall, though, really like where you are going with it. 7/10!
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I like the drums, though the cymbals are loud for me at times. I agree it needs electric bass. Some of the higher guitar parts are ear-piercing, but I'm sensitive to that. Vocal melodies are good, reminds me of "I'm Too Close to Love You" (not sure of the title on that). Singing is pretty good overall, a bit pitchy at times, sometimes rather good. Please review my music at this link:

the intro somehow reminded me of Van Halen's "I don't wanna hear about it later", but I think it's maybe because of the clean guitar with flanger, LOL! Of course, once the crunch guitars come in, it doesn't anymore, haha
I remember your voice from before, so I think I've heard another of your songs. Your vocals are solid! In terms of the overall mix, it needs a bass for low end. And the snare drum sample also sounds a little too thin. Nice riffs and guitar solo, is that you playing? I like the ending/outro too.
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Also typing as I listen. That first lead guitar needs bringing out, and for the recording use far less treble on it, and a touch less distortion. Liking the next riff. Like the singer's voice, this reminds me of Dream Theater, in a good way. Lyrically I like it, but not much stands out so far. That next lead guitar, again needs to have it's treble taken down, and the gain too. Chorus goes a little bit out of time, but nothing too distracting, the lead vocals need to be brought up a bit with the backing vocals needing pushing back. Have the vocals been compressed? That might help with the overall sound. The musicality is great, the technicality of the singing is also great, I just think it needs to be mixed a bit better, less gain on the guitars, compress your stuff and it'll sound pretty good I think. Pretty boss solo as well, if not a tad messy, but it fits with the feel of the song. I liked it

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Thanks for sharing.

Guitars are way out of tune, vocals a bit too. Melodys a bit monotone. Vocalist sounds good when he goes for it Very 80s rock than prog.. not sure how everything is prog these days.

Production sounds weird considering everything sounds like plugins.

Keep at it though. Music is its own reward.
Nice piece. I didn't much care for the delay used at the first bit, but otherwise, everything was very well done. In the Chorus, the vocals need to be edited a bit, because they're peaking a bit. Though it mostly works out, and actually sounds pretty good, the first one jumped out a bit unpleasantly, and the others also suffer from such a little bit, but at a smaller spectrum. The vocals remind me a lot of Maynard James Keenan.

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Many thanks for the feedback so far. We will take it all into consideration for future recordings
Writing as I listen too:
The beginning reminds me of Kryptonite (I hope you're not offended :P). The drums are really good and tight. You need bass though.
When the vocals come in around 1:45, they really overbear everything else. The lack of bass is pretty big here.
The part around 2:15 is really cool. The ending is cool too, but maybe turn down the vocals.
Overall, the vocals sound really good, like Jready they remind me of Keenan too. So do the drums (maybe a bit more punch on the low end?). I like the guitar parts too. Again though, you need (more) bass!

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The best part was the vocals. Your cymbals are over powering just a tad kinda hurts my ears. try some EQ. Good job though
This is not really my style, but I think it's very cool. The guitars are awesome and very crisp. The drums are definitely the Achilles' heel in here; they sound inorganic compared to the other instruments, but that may be just a limitation of the drumming programming. The layered vocals sound awesome, though that distant answer to the Ooh's is a little distorted. As said before, it also needs some bass. The outro would have worked a lot better without the vocals in my opinion; I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think they just sound out of place, really, and the lyrics at this point do not add much to the song.

All in all, I really like it. It's a very good song, and I've only been pointing out some minor kinks.

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