Hello guys,

i'm a huge metalfan since first time listening to Metallica... i think it was with 13 (born 87)... Whatever !

I played drums and guitar in my youth and my mother is a classical pianist (she wasn't so happy about my metal addiction :P)
Now i'm a composer and mixing/mastering engineer studying this whole thing at a music college in germany.

To be honest, i'm introducing myself in first place to get in touch with metalheads from around the world (not much metal at music colleges in germany...) who are also searching for high quality metal mixing.

Just an example of my sound:
Metal Mix & Mastering Sample

This was for the Feared Mixing Competition. I'm sure some of you know this band or Ola !

I would be very happy to hear from some of you who like my metal mixing & mastering style.

I also would like to get in touch with other metal musicians, producers and mixing engineers, cause i also love to talk about sound and gear

So if someone wanna get in touch with me:

I'm looking forward to hear from you

Have a nice day !!!

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