Your music has a pretty relaxed feel to it. I feel like this type of music needs something catchy though to keep me interested in it but it lacks that. Vocalists voice is p nice. Lyrics weren't anything deep and nothing really stuck out to me as memorable. Try working with the lead a bit to make it catchier or something and I think this song could be pretty nice.

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Thanks for the input guys, we'll definitely consider finding something catchy to put in there. We are always told that the chorus is very catchy so we didn't see a need to really have anything else in there.

Appreciate it though, thanks guys, I've critted all of your work as well
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Sounds British as hell, the intro that is. Something about the vocals puts me off, maybe it's the indie type of vocals, they are just not my type.

The lyrics seem decent though, that is nice. The chorus is catchy is hell though. The raspy voice at around 1:50 is ****ing brilliant though, wish I could sing like that.

That chorus is seriously catchy as ****, this has single potential.

The guitar solo is nice and subtle, I would have added just a bit more grit for more girth.

The build up in the third chorus up to the finally is magnificent.
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Hey !

I listen to your song. I liked it. Some highlights I find your song. At 1.05, I like the kind of speed up you put. I think it's really good because we don't get bored thanks to that. At 2.00, I really loved the vocals, really nice !

The song is well composed I think and also well mixed. I've got no major negative point haha. To me the best point of your song is the vocals.

Cheers !
Hey! thanks for the critique.
Nice upbeat track, I'm not a fan of the lead vocalist, Some really cool sections especially around 1:50. The guitar solo at 2:40 fits the song perfectly, both in tone and pitches used. Very powerful ending, Overall I enjoyed the track, the vocals grew on me after a few listens. I enjoyed the production too man.
Nice job!

Thanks for the critique, I'm returning the favor! There's a nice slight atonality to the whole piece- I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just definitely got that indie feel. I thought I heard some kind of weird timing in the rhythm guitar in the prechorus- one time I listen and it's there, back up and relisten to the same spot and it's not. If it were my piece I'd solo it with the drums just to see if I was hearing things. I think I only heard it because I'm currently obsessively going over my own stuff listening for things like that. The build at the end is great, and if you're open to changing the arrangement I'd suggest working some kind of hint that it's coming into the song earlier- might help with the boredom other folks have mentioned (not a complaint of mine, really, but it couldn't hurt). As far as production goes, it fits the genre quite well and the mix is good, though the bass is a bit quiet- I'm feeling it more than hearing it. If that's what you're going for, it does work as is. I think that's all I've got!
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Hey Hakoon1,

The song has an Oasis/The Kooks feel to it. I found the vocals to be a little bland in the verses, but they were stronger in the chorus sections. I really really like the chorus, it's my favourite part of the song, and I really like the strong ending. The solo in the bridge was good but I felt it was sounding thin, it needs that 'drive' to flow nicely to that strong ending. Cool stuff.

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Hey thanks for the crit, sorry for the late reply. Well no surprise from the avatar but this is totally Oasis. It's a great song, catchy and i've listened it it a few times now. The only criticism i'd make is the production of it, which I know nothing about so I can't say specifics but it's somewhere between clean and dirty, and it sounds a little off to me, I'd prefer it a little looser and messier, i'm thinking of that oasis drone that runs through loads of their tracks. The vocals sound a little dry. If any of that makes sense.