Hi everyone, I'm new to UG and looking for feedback.

I'm taking an old partscaster*project*of mine that is a strat body/next, trem bridge, and 2 alnico LP hb pickups. I'm going to take off 3/8 inch off the top and retrofit a 3/8 maple top without pickguard (see picture below).

Which got met thinking maybe I should add a middle pickup to add some other tone options. I want to keep the option of*running*just the humbuckers without the middle, so I was thinking of wiring a 5 way ho switch to a mid/mid-br/br/br-neck/neck*series*and keeping the humbuckers in the bridge and neck*position. So I just need something in the middle. I was thinking of a throwing a single coil in the middle to give a different tone, but not against adding another humbucker (maybe split coil?) if anyone thinks that it would be a different enough tone from the alnico buckers.

My first thoughts:
1. P-90 (but my other guitar is a double cutaway les paul with p90s)
2. Phat Cat
3. Tele neck (not a huge fan of tele neck tone, but it would tonal diversity).

I play mostly rock, prog rock, blues, jazz, ocassional metal

Any other ideas? I prefer to keep it in*chrome*to match the aesthetics. I'm thinking of just*running*one tone knob and one volume knob for all pickups, but not completely decided on that yet.


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I think I made up my mind to go with the kent Armstrong p90 in the middle. I think the three hbs lines up with the chrome bridge will look sharp.