Hey guys, I've been doing a little boredom induced research on early metal guitar rigs while relearning a lot of stuff I haven't played in years.

So after a long break from Maiden I decided to pop on a record and learn some stuff back and in the meantime checked out basic Davey gear stuff, like an alder super strat with locking Floyd with a Super Distortion (all of which just so happens describes a guitar I recently bought) and surprised how close I was getting to his sound I dug a little deeper into his 80's rig/singal chain during the mid-80's

I came across a familiar ealry 80's pedal name, Pete Cornish, who gave a guy Davey's signal chain and it looked very similar to other artists like Priest and especially Randy Rhoads who I've done stalker-ish research on his rig.

I learned Davey went from his strat into a Disto + (Another thing I already had) - Phase 90 - DOD Flanger - CryBaby - Yamaha AD10 - Boss FA1 (Clean boost?) - MXR 10 Band EQ (Cornish used a very similar set of pedals and order for Randy and such)

So my question is with these early guys' rigs plugging MXR Disto +'s into Marshalls, are these always on with knobs at about half or so or are they full blast lead boosts? I've been using the latter, just wondering if the pre high gain 80's used these fuzzes for lead or all around boosts.

And the MXR 10 band I have a similar question, is this a set and forget thing or is this thing switched on and off for leads? I've been using my wah as a sort of mid boost, were people like Davey and Randy doing a similar thing or was this to make up for early Marshall on board EQs being poor?

Thanks for any info on any of these you guys have, I know this is pretty general and specific at the same time, just wondering how these were applied by people at the time
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Most of this I don't know but I will say that the current MXR Distortion + is very different from the vintage ones.