I'm a little new to this site still. And I know you're supposed to post music in the right categories. But I thought Ild take the risk and post my link here to get some Pit feedback. Even if half the feedback is offensive about my music, it's critisism. As I never get much criticism in the other categories.

Plus, some tracks may be humorous to someone

To note: nothing is mastered on my soundcloud. Just a quick mix I've done myself.


Thanks... I think
I would post mine but it's rubbish.
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I think there has been a pit thread on this before
And a forum for it also: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?forumid=51

But hey, if this doesn't get closed or something, then mine can be found in my sig...


There is a thread somewhere. Was good, too, I now follow some great musicians because of it.
Oh yeah, and see sig.
You posted your soundcloud in anotherhforum asking for criticism on this telephone effect in one of your songs, I listened to a bunch of others and decided to follow you, do you work with a single band? different bands? or is it all solo?
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It's only an issue if you don't post on the correct subforums (like you just did) or you can't take bad criticism (wouldn't be surprised).
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