Influenced by early nineties movements in music and culture, April77 release their ‘Today Forever’ boxer underwear for women. Featuring a youthful aesthetic, this casual calvin underwear provides a wide variety of spring wardrobe basics with a cool, slightly urban twist.

In a timeless palette of black and white, the range boasts a musical influence through boxer briefs underwear choice and garment styling. Logos appear on tees that also detail radio and noise, providing a wide appeal and accessible calvin klein 399 boxer.

Classic pieces appear in the form of bomber calvin klein panty and denims, each being presented with modern simplicity. Although somewhat colourful, the overall detailing does remain simple throughout. Contrasting buttons, nautical stripes and allover prints lead the way whilst logo printed underarms add a distinct and original touch.

With easy wearability appearing in the form of calvin klein boxer brief and calvin klein online, edgier pieces include the purple striped tee and the ‘Today Forever’ black crew. The stand out piece that will lift any outfit in the boxer briefs for women stakes is the blue and green printed calvin klein briefs women sleeved calvin klein bra. With its bold mix of colour and artistic aesthetic, this piece is ideal for those who like to make a statement effortlessly.

Providing the basic tees, calvin klein boxer brief and boxer underwear for men you need for those summer gigs and festivals, April77 recognise the importance of playful styling, comfortable designs and accessible fabrics.

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