We're a rock band from Albion, NY that plays classic rock, modern rock, and originals. The first video is of us performing an original called "Living Inside a Dream." I'm the guitarist/singer and the bassist and drummer are my younger brothers. The second video is another original called "All of the Others" (this one also has our lead singer in it). Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!



Also links to our facebook and bandcamp pages:


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I love it! The vocals are really good although they don't suit all songs. Guitarwork is good too but some songs would be better with a catchy 'hook' if you know what I mean. Plus the nice guys song = so true
Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, glad you can relate to Nice Guys Like Me haha. Feel free to add us on Facebook too.
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Nice dude, you guys sound really tight as a group. You're little bro was tearing it up on those drums too!
Thanks man, I really appreciate it. And in regards to my brother, he's scary. Haha I really don't know how he got so good. I'll tell him you enjoyed his playing. Feel free to add us on Facebook too.