Does anyone have experience with both of them ?
I'm freaking delay perver, I wanted to get G-Major 1 for universal multi, but then I was looking Pink Floyd Guitar Rig and I noticed that they're using D-Two processors.
And for me, PK delays are just perfect.

So I'm wondering if D-Two's delays are so much better than G-Major's 1 ? Are they worth to pay 2x more and pass other effects from G-Major 1 ?
My only experience is with the G Major 2... but nailing most PF style delays with that unit is quite simple.
Well I'm not sure but G-Major 1 and 2 has pretty same quality delays, I've heard that most improvments in 2 are just using comfort and some few more unneed for me effects like tremolo. I reed that G major 1 quality of effects are pretty same as 2, if it's true - I don't know yet but I hope yes.

Anyway I know that G-Major's delays are fine, but are D-Two much better ?
As I said - delay is one effect that I can spent load of $ - I just want it perfect, not only good.