Guitar kind of has a weird tone. Sounds a bit washy, that's like the only word I can think of to describe it. Your transition at 1:18 wasn't too coherent imo. I usually don't listen to jazz or funk so I'm not sure how normal the guitar tone is in those styles, but for some reason it just doesn't feel right to me. You do some nice jazzy free-styling around the 2:30 mark that was enjoyable. The bends you did when you got out of the free-style improv thing didn't feel like they fit in though. Your voice kind of reminds me of Ween for some reason too.

Overall, I'm not sure if its just not my thing or not, but there were some enjoyable parts to it. Some parts of it felt a bit empty though like it needed more instrumentation in it, and more coherent transitions would help a lot I think.
Haha, well, all guitars are acoustic guitars. The main guitar is done with a fuzz wah and even the noise in the beginning is a guitar with a bunch of effects.

And you're right about the bending and all. Will actually fix that part later on to get is right xD
The mixing could also be done better which I will look into because some things are not clear enough.
And the lead vocals are done with a vocal transformer to make is sound deep as it is :^J

It's not really meant to be a regular funk tune, just a groovy song and it is a bit weird on purpose so I see where you're coming from ^^