I am currently playing on an Ibanez RG120 and it won't stay in tune for shit. I'm guessing for one thing it needs new, lighter gauge strings or a better setup because my low E buzzes on almost every fret even after I adjusted the action but it's the worst higher up the neck around 1st and 2nd fret. I don't know if that would affect it staying in tune though. My question is should I go ahead and get locking machine heads and do they actually work? If so are there any recommendations? My budget is preferably less than $100 but I can do a little more if needed. Also, does anyone have experience with those hipshot tuning pegs that let you go to drop tunings, "at the flip of a lever?"
i have no experience with locking tuners

but the buzzing on the e-string could be a nut slot thats filed to deep

also if your guitar neck has a slight backbow (due to tussrod not being adjusted proberly) that could cause buzzing

as for the tuning stability: is your tremolo set up to touch the body or is it floating a little bit
if its the last case it might be the cause of tuning instability

last thing i can think of:
if you wind your strings really tightly at the tuners, it could improve tuning stability
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Definetly start with a setup. Unless you're using 11s right now, lighter strings probably won't help much. A reputable shop should be in the neighborhood of $50 to $80 US for the setup.
I just put a hipshot xtender on a bass and it works beautifully, You just need to follow the instructions carefully.