Hi, I'm curious as to wether its a good idea to use phosphor bronze strings on an electric guitar. I'm pretty sure they are made for acoustics, but is it really that bad to use them on an electric ? Will bending be more difficult or will the strings be more likely to snap if bent ?
No, the pickups won't react with that metal very well. First hand experience here kjsfhlisd
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Yeah there's no problem with the signal, it sounds just like with my old steel strings. The difference though is the tension, it might just be me being paranoid but I feel like if I bend as hard as I used to the string will snap again (only my high e string is phosphor bronze, the rest are all steel strings). When I hold the strings near the pick ups and shake them, the phosphor bronze one feels like its resisting more, just my imagination or is that a bad thing ?
I bend a full step - even on acoustic strings. As long as your guitar is set up right and there aren't any sharp burrs, you shouldn't be snapping strings on bends.

Did you put 12s on your electric? If so, how's the action and truss rod?
So your high E string is an acoustic guitar string? What gauge are your other strings? Usually acoustic strings are a bit thicker than electric strings. I would just buy a full set of electric strings and replace all strings at once.
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It's the winding that's phosphor bronze. This is an unwound string. It's probably just a heavier gauge than you're used to. Check the pack.
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I got :
Phosphor bronze string: Diameter : .30 mm (0.12 inches), Tension: 23.3Lbs
Steel string: Diameter : .25 mmTension at pitch: 16.2 Lbs

There is about +7 Lbs in difference in tension, +0.05 mm in diameter (in favor of the acoustic string).

I don't know how bad that is, I can probably get used to playing it but I don't wanna snap it and waste a string. I didn't do anything with the action, should I reduce it ?

Bending a full step on the first half of the fretboard seems ok, but past the 12th fret I need to bend much more to get that full step, I feel more tension then, but there is no noise coming from the tuning keys or any trembling, it just gives me the impression that its threatening to snap in my face ^^