Just started to learn piano - back into reading sheet music - really shows you how easy us guitarists have it lol.

Can anyone provide a source on basic piano/recommend easy songs to learn on piano/free sheet music? I had google'd but I'd like some Tom Waits if possible and some guidance from this who already play piano - you know a kind of "staters" guide if you like.

Tips/tricks/links thread?
You might try the sheet music sites. I've been playing for a couple of years, but my instructor has me in the Faber Piano Adventure series - currently level 5.

And how right you are about guitarists having it easy. Been playing guitar for a number of years and never realized how easy it was to play by ear and not having to site read.
Alfred adult series are the best imo. Sheet music is more of an architectural plan to make music but its you who interprets it. Sheet music is not any harder than playing by ear but I guess that depends on the musician. Use both!
Try converting lead sheets into sheet music and accompany your songs. If you want to play solo, you'll really have to test your ear and improvise a bit.
We're all alright!