Need some help.

I have Guitar Pro 6 installed on my laptop, however, when I pull up a Guitar Pro tab, it's prompted me to download the trail version. I want to be able to save off the tab onto my local drive so I can load it into Guitar Pro.

Any thoughts?
Sounds like you're clicking on tabs for "Tab Pro" instead of "Guitar Pro". Tab Pro is UG's tab app, it's not the same thing.

Scratch that, apparently they've changed it so you have to look at an ad for Tab Pro before you can download a guitar pro tab now. Pretty lame.
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Not only that, they've now made it to where the only way to download a Guitar Pro tab is to "register as a new member" or sign in. This is my first post as I am new (thanks to the new rule I just mentioned), maybe if enough people bitch about this we can have it revoked. When I stumble onto Ultimate-Guitar I want the fastest experience. I hate the enormous ads that sometimes enlarge themselves without any contact and, well, the ads in general. I hate to be bitching and whining about the site because I do frequent it fairly often, but **** me it's only because this is the only place to find the tabs that I'm looking for. If somebody can recommend a different, less persistent and pushy website I'd love to try it out. **** this place.
I have the same experience. I've been using Ultimate-gt. with Guitar Pro for many years (without beeing a member), and now it suddenly doesn't Work. The window "download song" doesn't appear. I'll try and write to them and post the answer here :-)